The Course Builder tab enables you to upload your own customized training materials to our platform. You can also create your own quizzes and exams!

Getting Started

In the menu bar, click on the Course Builder.

Creating Programs

To create a new program, click New Program on the right. Enter a Name and Description for your program in the fields provided, and click Create.

Note that if the Published check box is not selected, the program will not be visible to users. You can activate programs anytime for various users in the Program Assignment tab.

Adding Courses to Programs

To create a new course within a program, click the program title. Click New Course on the left. 

Enter a Name and Description for your course in the fields provided, and click Create.

Adding Modules to Courses

You can upload any file format to a new module, but please be aware that only some formats can be opened within the platform. Other formats must be downloaded locally before use.

To create a new single module within a course, click New Module on the right. Click Select File to upload your content from its current location. 

Enter an appropriate Name and Duration for the module. Video formats require a playback time. For all other content, please define an appropriate duration.
Player Aspect Ratio
controls the dimensions of the player window.
Click Create to complete.

Editing Modules

To edit modules, place the cursor over the required module and click the Pen icon. You can update the Name and Duration of the file.

To change the module file, click Replace Content to change the corresponding content.


Your organization's custom programs are editable within the Content Manager menu by all Trainers or Admins on the same account (see more about user roles).

Additional Information

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