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By generating a course summary report, track all of the information related to a particular course. You can also download and print the report as necessary.

Viewing the Report

On the main Reports page, find the Course Summary section. In the search text box, type in a course for which you want to generate a report. It should appear in a list below the search bar. Press the course's title, then press the Generate button next to the search bar.

Each course summary report will display:

  • Percentage of users that have completed the course within 30 days from enrollment

  • Total number of enrolled users

  • Number of days since the course's launch

  • Number of training materials in the course

  • Percentage of users that have yet to begin the course, are in progress, or have completed the course

  • A chart of activity within the last 12 months

  • A list of all of the users enrolled in the course, with their individual course statistics

To sort the user list, click column title (e.g. Subscription Date, First Access Date, Course Completion, or User Status).

To print or download the report to PDF, click the icons in the upper right.

Learner Details

From the user list, click on a learner’s name.

You will be redirected to the user details. The summary in the top half of the report displays a graph and a timeline for a user's course access.

Scroll to the bottom of the report to find the course title, and details such as first and last attempt, first and last completion date, course version, status, and score.

To view the learner’s progress through the course and exam activity, click on the course title. You will see:

  • The course learning objectives

  • The number of pass and/or fail attempts and corresponding score

  • The list of final exam questions and corresponding answers

  • Data specifying the correct and incorrect answers

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