Enroll user(s) in courses
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Step one: Select the course(s)

Once you have accessed the course management page, select the courses by using the checkbox in the course(s) associated course row(s). After checking the boxes, an green [Choose Action] button will appear in the lower right hand corner. Select Enroll Users.

Step two: Select users

An Enroll Users panel will open on the right side. Select the user(s) you wish to enroll by checking the checkbox next to their name. You can use the search to look up individual users. Click Next.

Step three: Confirm the number of users is correct

You will proceed to the next screen. The number of users you are about to enroll will be displayed. Confirm this number is correct. The level for the user automatically sets the Learner value by default.

Step four (optional)

You have the option to set a course completion due date. You do this by selecting a time frame for the enrollment. The End of Validity will be the due date for the course.

NOTE: The system is configured in the (GMT +02:00) Europe/Rome timezone. We recommend setting the End of Validity time to 11:59 PM to best align the due date displayed to users across most time zones.

Step five: Run enrollment!

Click confirm to start enrolling your users in your selected courses.

Remember! One enrollment is a combination of a single user and a single course. Selecting 3 courses and 2 users equals 6 enrollments.

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