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Access my activities
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All learners can access info, statistics, and course to-do lists from the My Activities page. Click on the user menu in the upper left-hand corner of the home screen.

Once in the user menu, click on My Activities to access the summary and reports.

My Activities

My Activities is divided into two tabs related to your learning experience: Statistics & Courses.


The statistics tab is separated into two sections. The top section provides general information about an individual learner and their activity in the platform:

  • User level

  • Email

  • Subscription date, last access date

  • Total time spent in the platform (total time is the sum of the sessions time for each of the courses a learner is enrolled in)

  • Number of active courses in which a learner is enrolled

The lower section provides additional information on a learner’s performance within courses.


The courses tab provides a learner with the list of courses in which they are enrolled. Each row includes:

  • Course code

  • Course Name

  • User status

  • Enrollment Date

  • Associated Due Date

  • Course Completion Date

  • Credits (if applicable)

  • Total Time spent in the course

  • Final Exam Score*

  • Link to download certificate of completion

*Note: All courses require an 80% score to pass the final exam. The completion in the above shown example was manually applied. Therefore, it is missing a final exam score.

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