Import new user records from CSV
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The system allows Admins to import up to 30 new user records at a time using a CSV file. By default, all new user records are assigned the Learner user role. To assign a new user Admin or Trainer permissions, please review the Edit an existing user article.

From the Account/Users page, click the Import from CSV button.

On the Import Users page, review the requirements to configure your CSV file. Click the Browse CSV file button to search for and then select your file.

The list of new user records will appear on the Import User page in the Preview section.

Review the list of new user records to ensure all names and email addresses are correct. The “Send welcome email” box is checked by default. This will automatically send the Welcome email to the listed users after the Import Users button is clicked.

Once you have confirmed all information is correct, click the Import Users button.

After the import is complete, the list of new user accounts will be displayed in the Summary section. There are two tabs that display the following:

  • Successfully imported users accounts

  • Users not imported because they are already present

Click Done to exit and return to the Account/Users page.

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